Librecad : An Alternative 2D CAD Program

There are a lot of applications or softwares for windows user . But for Linux users ? No need to be disappointed . There is every softwares alternative for linux . If you are a civil engineer or architect or Electrical and you need to draw Buildings , Bridges , Circuit Board Diagram or other and you love linux but you have to stick with windows or have to use wine which is not so cool to yourself then you have a solution .



Let’s install it .

Ubuntu :

Open a terminal window and put below codes there and press enter .

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:librecad-dev/librecad-daily;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install librecad

Above , will ask you for administrator password , give there and press enter . By above process you are adding a software or package repository . This repository is nightly build . It is better to update and upgrade by 2-3 days . By,

sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade

If you feel tired of installing upgrades and want a stable version then don’t install that repository .

Just install by,

sudo apt-get install librecad

Debian :

Install simply by ,

sudo apt-get install librecad

or if you want nightly build , then download DEB package from Debian archive . And install that from terminal by,

sudo dpkg -i /home/user_name/Downloads/libre*

Above you have to use your username , and that download path as default it is in Downloads or downloads .

Fedora/Kororaa :

You can install from package manager by searching librecad or

yum install librecad

or you will have to download rpm file from Here . And install by,

rpm -ivh /home/username/Downloads/awstats.i386.rpm 

Other users can install by searching librecad from their software manager . But it is better to install nightly . Because some old features will make you disappointed like not having snapping option simultaneously .

In Some old packages this thing is not possible at the same time like here in nightly build .

In Some old packages this thing is not possible at the same time like here in nightly build .


This software is also available for windows and Mac . You can get totally free Autocad softawre alternative for windows . Click this link .

Download for Windows / Mac

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